Frequently Asked Questions

Question # 1: How do I transfer campaigns into my account?

Answer: Watch the campaign transfer tutorial video. It will show you, step-by-step, how to transfer your new campaign into your account and how to start using it immediately.

Question # 2: How much does each campaign cost?

Answer: Most campaigns require a very modest one-time only $25 fee for a single lifetime license. Some niche industry specific campaigns will cost a little more due to the increased research and more complicated copy required to create the campaigns.

Question # 3: Can I use cards from different campaigns to create my own campaign?

Answer: Yes! You'll be able to transfer, not only the campaign into your account, but each individual card as well. (see the video tutorials) You'll then be able to mix and match different cards to create your own custom campaigns.

Question # 4: Can I suggest new campaigns?

Answer: Yes, of course. We always welcome new campaign ideas and suggestions. You can submit them to your help desk. We review all campaign requests.

Question # 5: When will you produce new campaigns?

Answer: We are producing new campaigns all the time. Please come back to the site frquently to see the new campaigns we've developed.

Question # 6 Can I modify the message in a campaign card?

Answer: Yes, you can easily add and subtract text to the existing message. The message text provided is a starting point for you to personalize your own message. You can modify the message text after you have transferred the campaign to your own acount.

Question # 7: Can I modify the graphics on a campaign card?

Answer: No, the graphics on the cards cannot be altered. (Sorry about that.)

Question # 8: Are you affiliated with Send Out Cards?

Answer: No. is not legally affiliated with Send Out Cards, however, we are the only approved provider of card campaigns to Send Out Cards users. We also proudly donate 20% of our profits to the Make a Wish foundation in the name of Send Out Cards!

Question # 9: Do I need an account with Send Out Cards to use your campaigns?

Answer: Yes, these campaigns were designed to use exclusively with Send Out Cards. If you do not currently have an account with Send Out Cards, please get back in touch with the person who introduced you to Send Out Cards and they will help you set up an account.

Question # 10: Can I send these campaigns to my current database?

Answer: Yes, of course. Simply upload your database into Send Out Cards (see the video tutorial). Then apply the campaign(s) you purchased to a part or your entire database. The beauty of pre-done campaigns is that you can immediately start sending cards to your database.

Question # 11: Can I buy campaign cards individually?

Answer: No, unfortunately, we are not set up to do this. You'll need to purchase the campaign(s) that contain the individual cards you want to send and then transfer the individual cards to your account.

Question # 12: Can I transfer a campaign I purchased to another person?

Answer: No. You are purchasing an individual license to the campaign that you purchased. You are not allowed to share your purchased campaign with other individuals.

Question # 13: Can I buy a campaign for all my office staff to use?

Answer: No. You are purchasing an individual license to the campaign that you purchased. You are not allowed to share your purchased campaign with other individuals.

Question # 14: Do you create custom campaigns for specific companies?

Answer: Right now we do not. We are working hard to create campaigns for all the Send Out Cards userbase to use.

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